Portland Toy & Joy Makers is a local toy drive founded by the Portland Fire & Rescue in 1914, helping out local families in need around Christmas time. We are completely run by volunteers.

It all started in 1914 when Firefighter Eddie Boatright fixed a broken wagon and gave it to a neighborhood kid. [more...]

  Our Mission  

"Toy & Joy Makers" mission for over 100 years has been to promote the spirit of helping children and their families in our community during the holiday season. When called upon, we are also able to help families throughout the year. This mission manifests itself by providing qualified families in need with appropriate gifts for their children. These efforts bring joy to both givers and receivers during the season and throughout the year.

"Toy & Joy Makers" celebrates 107 years and counting of helping children.

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December 2021 Statistics

Individual Family Orders Taken 2835 Families
(11,336 children)
Other Groups Assisted 8 groups (2410 children)
Total Children Assisted 13,746*
Toys Given to Families 43,344*
Total Toys Given Out 47,754*
Toy Collection Boxes at Businesses and Organizations 61
Toy Collection Boxes at Fire Stationsand Bureau Offices 31
Toys Collected 18,000
Toy value given out during season 47,754 * $12.00 (avg retail cost)
= $573,048.00 (approx)
Toy & Joy Makers of Portland Fire & Rescue relies heavily on the volunteers that are currently helping with the program.

During the 2020 holiday season
(November 2 - December 25)

Average number of volunteers helping during the day 21
Total estimated number
of volunteer hours
Total volunteer miles accumulated 27,200
Fire Company hours 60
Off Season Volunteer hours 2800
Off Season Volunteer miles 19,200
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